Ford Motor Co. is underway on a 10-year overhaul of its Research and Engineering Center (REC). The transformation includes a new Central Energy Plant (CEP). The CEP will replace an aging central steam system and distributed cooling assets with a 3000 ton geothermal system, a 19,000 ton chilled water system, low-temperature water-based energy distribution loops (42°F chilled water and 120°F hot water), 40,000 ton-hours of thermal energy storage, and on-site electrical generation via combined heat and power. The unique plant fully integrates various energy production assets to maximize reliability, energy efficiency, and long-term operational optionality for Ford. A high performance Ruskin frame system was installed to collect and remove water for excellent water penetration performance.

Location: Central Energy Plant
Client: Universal Wall Systems
Owner: Ford Motor Company
Manufacturer: Ruskin Manufacturing
Products: ELF375DX and EV6811

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